MC Kats, Fille In Bitter War

A deadly war is raging on between singer Fille Mutoni and her baby daddy Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats, a renowned city emcee.

Kats and Fille’s war started a few days back when he learnt that she is seeing another man behind his back.



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Kats confronted Fille after peeping through her Whatsapp messages and realizing that all along she has been exchanging romantic chats with a singer only identified as …..

Some of the leaked chats which this website has seen indicate that they have actually been meeting without Kats’ knowledge and that …….has been enjoying Fille’s Goodies for some time now.

In some of Fille and Jay Man Swt leaked Whatsapp chats they say the following:
Jay: ‘Am good baby….that foto on your pp is killing me’

Fille: Hahahaha…thx dia. Am falling for yoz as well. By d way I feel like doing more songs with you. U’re so talented, funny, and sweet. I just love everything…’

Jay: Wow…. I enjoy everything u give me. U re so good. Let me talk to my brother T.paul about d song.

Fille: Are we meeting Tonight? Coz am free n Available. By d way don’t mind about Kats. I can Handle.

Jay: Sure…..I can’t afford to miss Sweet Fille..”

Snoops reveal that Kats got so pissed after landing on Fille’s erotic chats with Jay and tasked her to explain the meaning of it all, something she failed to ably do.

Currently, the two lovebirds are no longer of bonking terms, although this comes just a few months after they had reunited, following their bitter split last year



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