Stand out with a shirt dress

When asked for the most unpredictable subjects of life, a philosopher will answer death and fate but an exceptional mind will reply fashion and women. Whoever anticipated that this indoor costume would ever make it to the red-carpet, clubs, parties and hangout spots?

In Uganda, we are familiar with the master piece on blankets and wine events. This stylistic craft is a living proof of how daring fashion has become. No fashion piece in the records of fashion history has made achieving a classy but simple look as easy as a shirt dress does. Just like the name goes, they are shirts but at the same time skirts. For the men you have the right to get lost but for the ladies, don’t dare to blink!

When some one mentions this fashion piece, one might perceive a monotony of long shirts that form dresses. Well, thanks to the gifted hands of fashion designers we now have the pieces coming in different styles and materials. They come in denim fabric, khaki, silk, cotton and so on.

They also vary in styles as some have belts while others don’t. There are the open shirts, front twist silky, frill sleeveless shirts, leni nude shirt dress(I know the names are ridiculous). Before picking this dress during your shopping, make sure you have a lovely body finish because with this, you are yet to show off some deep skin. Keep in mind that the shirt dress is an attention trapper. Now unlike other outfits we normally put on, this one calls for a synchronization of your attitude with the attire. If you condemn yourself to putting on this stylish piece, be ready to put up a bold girl attitude otherwise you will come off as uncomfortable with the body exposure which will leave people wondering why you dared to chose the attire. You can spice up the look with a hut and glasses.

From an honest point of view, women are becoming slaves to their desire to stand out. If you are wondering why no guy has been checking you out during those hangouts that you keep rushing for, it’s not because you look married, it’s because you ain’t touching a shirt dress(kidding). So ladies, embrace the shirt dress vogue and if signs and symptoms of loneliness persist, seek professional advice.


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