An interview with Byomuhangi Racheal on her life as a Ugandan youth

This week, we let go of the entrepreneurers, upcoming celebrities and talked to just a citizen, a youth that is on the Normal journey like most youth and she shared her view of a Ugandan youth’s lifestyle.
Our writer Nabbosa Rachel brings you the full detailed interview:

Rachel: Hello
Byomuhangi: Hello Racheal. How are you ?

Am good, how are you namesake?
Am okay thank you

Tell us about the Byomuhangi Racheal that we see
Am a fun, talented, loving, assertative person and much more

byomuhangi racheal

I love that you say assertive, would you say that you have achieved a quarter of what you planned for life?
Hahaha I would not say that because am ambitious. So that’s like a quarter of what I would love to achieve. Given the fact that am almost done with school proves that “quarter achievement of what I have planned for life”

Would you mind sharing with us a little of your background, what pushes you through life?
Well , hmmm! My background is a tough one. Raised by a single father among boys founded me. You know have grown into a strong person because of that man’s foundation. I love to handle situations differently you know

Wow, that’s great, actually one of a kind, would you say women emancipation is as bad as some men think it to be
Women emancipation is the only permit to a better, strong and beautiful world. Growing up with boys can’t change the fact that am a young woman you know!

byomuhangi racheal

I recently saw you on the bobi wine trail, what’s your take on the youths’ position as per current situation or say Uganda?
Hahahaha! That was an interesting one. Well, Uganda should realise that we, the youth have a big say in today’s politics and it is our time to take over our country and make it what we want it to be.

Some leaders say youth are busy wasting their lives away and are lazy, do you think its true?
Of course we (youth) all can’t be straight. There’s always the lazy few but the majority are up to something that will not only build the nation but impact change

You’re not a politician anyway, let’s talk campus life, a lot of rumors around have it that when one gets to campus, they have reached destination happening, how realistic is this statement?
Destination happening?? You know the word happening has different meanings so which one excatly do you mean?

Clubbing, chilling basically
Well being grounded for over 16 years, I would support the fact that campus is indeed the destination happening ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

byomuhangi racheal

What do you do for fun?
I have curfew๐Ÿ˜… So I do online reading btw am so inquisitive and into worldwide news . That’s my way of having fun. As long as am informed about what’s happening then am good to go. Music of course

What’s your style, denim or leather, pants or skirts?
I love denim !! Who does not love denim?? It’s chic๐Ÿ˜„ I love skirts because everyone says I look smart in them.

So do you do sports being that you have been with men most of your life?
I was doing volley ball some years back but later gave up and focused on books but I do work outs with my brothers

That’s very exciting, I know very few girls that work out often.
Any last words for our fellow youth out there?
Be yourself , work hard and think positively

Ok, thank you Racheal for this amazing interview.


We love to write stories that impact on youth. Generally, it is our passion.