How to deal with a smartphone that freezes or hangs

The first time you use your smartphone, the speed switching between apps and tabs is amazing. After a couple of days or weeks when you have installed all the apps, some of which you barely use. Then the freezing starts, even a few micro seconds feel like forever. This calls for what I would name “app control”:

  • Before you install an app read its system requirements it may task your processor more than you expect
  • Delete any app you haven’t used in 2 months because honestly, you don’t need it
  • If an app is causing your phone to hung, update it or reinstall it
  • Expand your internal memory if your phone allows it
  • Those pictures you have had since you got the phone, once you have them backed up (which can be made automatic with dropbox, picasa, instagram etc) save your phone some memory and delete them. Basically free up as much space as you can.


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