How to use Snapchat on Windows Phones

Alright when most of you get windows phones, one of the apps you say bye πŸ™‹ to is snapchat because this social network app wasn’t made for windows due to breach of privacy. The top feature about snapchat is its privacy as this app can notify a user when there conversation has been screenshot. But this feature failed to work on the beta version of snapchat on windows and so the app wasn’t made. While other sources say that the owner of snapchat is basically an ios fan and isn’t fond of windows but all that won’t matter any because you can know install the snapchat andriod version as well as other andriod apps on your windows phone. This method only works on windows 10 mobile.

Step 1: Go to setting>developer setting>enable>turn on discovery

Step 2: Download apktowin10M….onto your pc and install it.Β Download it here

Step 3: Pair your phone to your pc by inputting the pin provided by the developer setting

Step 4: Launch the tool on your pc and drag an apk file onto it and let it complete installing

Step 5: Safely eject your phone from the pc and launch the newly installed app on your phone

Note that the apps installed using methods have comparability issues and tend to freeze on some occasions


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