7 routine changes to improve your skin, hair and nails

Your skin, hair and nails need to be at their optimum health for you to try out all the new beauty trends that catch your fancy like Kirabo Fyona. Ensure that they are their best, healthy version by making these small and easy changes to your beauty routine.

Moisturise right after a bath:
Moisturiser doesn’t add moisture to the skin; it retains it. It works by preventing water from evaporating from the skin, effectively trapping it. Make sure to moisturise within three minutes of getting out of your shower to retain the moisture.

Wash your face every night: As you go about your day, your face accumulates dust, dirt and pollutants from the external environment. Washing your face daily at night helps remove all of these, as well as gets rid of any makeup debris that might be remaining on your face.

Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your side or on your stomach can cause dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This happens because the blood vessels get constricted when you sleep face down, thus prompting your circulatory system to release congested fluid into the walls of these vessels. Make sure to sleep on your back, with two pillows to keep your head raised to avoid this.

Eat a whole lot of tomatoes: We’d suggest you eat as many tomatoes as you can get your hands on. Tomatoes contain a pigment called lycopene, which has been found to significantly protect skin from UV damage. So for healthier skin, pick up those tomatoes.

Eat your veggies: Fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids, which are responsible for their colour. Recent studies have noted that people who tend to eat more fruits and vegetables have a more natural golden colour to their skin, as the consumption of natural produce increases red and yellow tones in a person’s skin.

Add silica to your diet: The amount of silica present in our bodies is directly related to how healthy our skin, hair and nails look. As we age, the amount of silica present in our bodies tends to decrease. Ensure that your nails, hair and skin look their best by adding silica-rich foods to your diet, like yellow bananas, beer, wholegrain bread, raisins and brown rice.

Cover up: You must’ve heard about all the problems that your hair can face because of UV radiation. It is known to be responsible for damaging the internal protein structure of hair, eventually weakening it. Make sure to just cover your hair with a scarf to avoid these.


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